1. These regulations apply to the use of CNCtarget Website service and placement of ads on it. The regulations may be subject to change by the owner of the Website referred to in Section 2 below.
  2. The owner of the CNNtarget Website is PROFIT Marcin Kiełb with his registered office in Łańcut ul. Rejmonta 8 , 37-100 Łańcut, NIP 815 165 18 40 REGON 18 09 30 423.
  3. The condition of getting access to Website service functionality is using a device which can communicate with the Internet and which is equipped with an Internet browser.
  4. These regulations define how a Website User can place an ad on Website , and also which permissible content an ad to be published  in the Service may contain.



  1. Website Operator— is CNCTARGET Website company with its registered office in Łańcut , ul. Rejmonta 8 , 37-100 Łańcut
  2. CNCtarget Service or Service – means an advertising web service (classified web site service) known as service by the operator in three languages: Polish, English and German. The ad allows the user to place and browse ads, which are available and accessible in cnctarget.Service.
  3. Advertisement — an ad prepared by and drawn -up  by the User concerning   selling certain  machines and industrial equipment, devices or industrial installations placed on Website.with the  conditions laid down in the Regulations.
  4. Goods — means industrial machines and tools or performance parts for machines,new or used,which may be the subject of the Internet ad in accordance with the regulations.
  5. The User — is a natural person who is at least 18 years old and has full legal capacity to enter legal transactions, a legal person or an organisational unit not holding legal personality,but being able to acquire rights and assume obligations on their own behalf , who has created their Account , or has acvated their Ad in accordance with the Regulations.
  6. An Advertiser – a natural person who is at least 18 years old and has full legal capability to enter legal transactions , a legal person or an organisational unit with no legal personality,but being able to acquire rights and assume obligations on their own behalf,who has placed an Ad on CNCtargert Website Service in accordance with the Regulations and uses the services provided within CNCtarget Website.
  7. User Account – alloted to each User,identified by their e-mail address  a part of the Website by which the User may take specific actions within the service of the Website.
  8. The Price List of  Services — the fee statement  for services provided within CNCtarget,set by PROFBIT Marcin Kiełb firm.
  9. Regulations – these Regulations.
  10. Featured Ads – an Ad placed in the Website which is clearly distinguished from other Ads by adding it to to the slider placed
    in the top right part of the main page.The dedicated Ad will be visible on the Website for 30 days. Distinguishing Ads is subject to a fee of 10 euro for each single extinction.


  1. The Advert comes from the User who determines its content on their own, The content of the Advert must be consistent with its factual status.
  2. One Advert may apply to selling only one single machine,device or consumable parts for machines with the actual gross price indicated. The same machine device or consumable part,at the same time, may be subject to only one single Advert.
  3. The Advert may not apply to any intentions to buy or searching for Goods .Adverts containing contents concerning buying any Goods will be automatically deleted.
  4. Adverts are available for all the Users of the Internet.
  5. The User takes responsibility for the content published (including photos)  and ensures that it is compliant with the actual state and compliant with law, and its publication does not violate any rights of the Operator, the Regulations, or third parties, including copyrights.
  6. The Content of the Advert must refer to the Goods in a clear and transparent manner, describe it precisely, reliably and thoroughly, and also it cannot mislead other Users , in particular, regarding the Product properties,  such as its quality, parameters, condition, origin, brand, as well as the producer.
  7. Your personal data must not be included in the Advert content, otherwise the Advert will be edited by the Operator, or it will be removed.
  8. The Goods offered in the Adverts can be new or second-hand.
  9. It is forbidden to place Adverts containing advertising or promotional content, unprintable, offensive and racist terms, as well as textual entries,false or done as a joke. Such Adverts will be automatically deleted by CNCtarget Website Service without notice.If it was a paid Advert, the Website Service does not return any cash.
  10. CNCtarget Service Operator is not a party of any agreements conducted between the Users, therefore he bears no responsibility for not concluding a transaction, fraud, any attempts to cheat money, or any other activity which has not led to receiving the Goods by the Buyer.
  11. The Operator protects Users personal data in accordance with his Privacy Policy specified in Annex 2 to the Regulations constituting it’s integral part.


  1. User Registration is made after giving the e-mail address, the name under which the User will be represented in the Website Service, the password, as well as data concerning the User’s place of living (region, country, city/town, post code and address), and also User data or their company data to which an invoice is to be issued (i.e. the name and address and, if it concerns the company, the tax number is required).
  2. Notifications – the User has an opportunity to confirm their participation in notifications sent by CNCtarget Website Service.It can be information about novelties of the operation of the Website Service, maintenance notices as well as chargeable marketing information sent by other Users of  B2B. In order to receive and  to have an opportunity to send pieces of information to other Users, it is necessary to participate in this system, accepting it while making the Registration. If the User is not taking part in this system, they will not receive any notifications except for those basic ones about the User’s Advert status.
  3. The condition of undertaking the Registration, and as a result, creating an Account, is a statement of getting acquainted with the Regulations and their acceptance.
  4. The User has an option of changing their data in their Account in CNCtarget Website Service.
  5. Each individual User may create and use only one single Account.
  6. If the User no longer wants to be registered in the Website Service, they may request the Website Operator to close their Account. However, the Account will be closed only when the time of the User’s Adverts displaying has elapsed.


  1. Adding Adverts shall take place by a special form. Only persons registered in the Website Service. and therefore being Users of the Website Service are eligible to place Adverts.
  2. Placement of an Advert in the CNCtarget Website Service requires:
  • opening your own e-mail Account. which takes place by registration,
  • logging into your own Account,
  • selecting a category relating to the Goods,
  • choosing information concerning the Goods (the make and model, condition and price) as well as the Advertiser’s data,
  • offering their Advert content.
  1. The Advert should be added to the category which it is the most pertinent to. In other case, the Advert will be removed.
  2. The photos placed in the Advert must be submitted by the Advertiser and present the Goods being the subject of the Advert.
  3. The Adverts will appear in the Website Service immediately after it is added by the User.
  4. The User may include 1 – 3 photos (max. size 1 MB) to one Advert.
  5. The User may not place their contact details, i.e. their home address, their fax number as well as numbers of instant messengers (e.g. GG, Skype) in their Advert content (its description and enclosed photos), otherwise the Advert shall be edited by the Webmaster or it shall be removed. The above data can only be placed in the contact form.
  6. The Advert will be displayed on the Website Service for 30 days.However, the Website Operator warns that the Advert may not be displayed in some moments due to the reasons which the Website Operator is not responsible for, e.g.server overload, hacker attacks etc.
  7. An Advert may be placed in one of the three languages: Polish, English or German, or simultaneously in English and one of the selected ones.The preferred language of the Advert is English.
  8. After publishing the Advert, the User may modify its content, change its category as well as remove it from the CNCtarget Website Service.
  9. On the expiry of 30 days from the date of the Advert placement, it will be automatically removed by the CNCterget Website Service.However, there is a possibility of the Advert being displayed for another 30 days.
  10. Placing Adverts in the Website Service is free of charge, However, he reserves the right to introduce charges for placing the Advert at any time, but the Users will be notified about this fact 7 days before introducing the charges, at the latest.
  11. A User who wants their Advert to be distinguished against  other Adverts by adding it to the slider placed in the top ares of the main site, simply may buy the Distinguished Advert. The Distinguished Advert  will be displayed in the Website Service for 7 days.Distinguishing Adverts is subject to a fee of 10 euro for each single one.


  1. Goods introduced in CNCtarget Website Service are offered by Users of the Service. The Operator of the Service allows the User to place Adverts for Goods on principles stipulated in the Regulations.The CNCtarget Website Service is not a party to agreements concluded between Users and he cannot guarantee that the Seller and the Buyer have the opportunity of concluding and performing a purchase agreement concerning the Goods.
  2. CNCtarget Website Service neither shall participate nor arbitrate in disputes between Users, The Service reserves the right to block the quarrelling Users’ accounts.
  3. The transaction is a single-item transaction. It is forbidden to issue multi-item transactions.
  4. CNCtarget Website Service transfer all the Adverts to the Archives on the expiry of 30 days from the date of the Advert  placement.


  1. Registration and placement of Adverts are free of charge in CNCtarget Website Service.
  2. The User who wants their Advert to be placed in the initial Advert listing can buy a Distinguished Advert. The Distinguished Advert will be displayed in the Website Service for 30 days Distinguishing Adverts is subject to the payment of a fee of 10 euro for each single distinction.


  1. The Website Operator shall have the right to block the User’s Account if they break any point of the Regulation.
  2. Actions resulting in the Account being blocked:
  3. placing advertising or promotional content in the Advert,
  • public spamming and spamming by means of private messaging,
  • quarrels with other Website Service Users,
  • offering Goods not having been advertised in CNC by means of private messaging,
  • placing or sending links to websites not being part of CNCtarget Website Service (with the exception of links to photos  or description of displayed Goods.
  1. CNCtarget Website Service reserves the right to block a User’s Account without giving reasons.


  1. A user may file complains concerning not fulfilment of the Service or its inadequate performance by the Operator within 14 days from the date of the end of the Advert displaying or the day the displaying should have ended.
  2. A User may make a complaint if services covered in the Regulations are not carried out by CNCtarget Website Service, or they are carried out not in accordance with the provision of the Regulation.
  3. The complaint may be submitted in writing by registered letter sent to the address of PROFBIT Marcin Kiełb, ul.Reymonta 8, 37-100 Łańcut with an adnotation :”Complaint”, or in an electronic form to the following address: CNCtarget Website Service.The complaint should include:the name of the  User of CNCtarget Website Service (login), the first name and the surname as well as their contact data, the URL of the Advert or other data relating to identificatiion of the Advert ,and also the description of the reservations  and User’s demands related to the submitted complaint,
  4. The Operator shall consider complains within 14 days from the date of duly submitted complaint.
  5. Responding to a complaint is sent solely to the e-mail address assigned to the User’s Account .reported.reservationsof


  1. It is forbidden to display offers of Goods whose turnover infringes legal provisions or third party rights, copyrighs and other intellectual property rights.
  2. It is forbidden to place offers concerning software and articles which are adopted to taking actions leading to infringe the Rules of the Law.
  3. The Operator does not allow to insert offers of articles or photos inciting hatred based on national, ethnic, racial or religious differences, or for reason of lack of any religious denomination.
  4. It is forbidden to place offers of articles or photos containing pornography and erotic material.
  5. It is not allowed to place offers of conterteit Goods, which means those which may mislead Customers concerning the origin of the Goods, their quality, components, parameters, methods of workmanship, repairs or other essential characteristics of the products.
  6. CNCtarget Website Service may notify the police if it is suspected that the Goods offered are derived from crime or the User has committed  a crime procecuted ex officio.


  1. The Operator enables  Users to place Adverts in CNCtarget Website Service, not interfering in the form and content of those Adverts, subject to the provisions below.
  2. The Operator shall not be responsible for non-performance or improper performance of agreements concluded by the Advertiser in relation to the Advert.
  3. CNCtarget Website Service shall not be held responsible for the technical or physical condition, safety, quality or legality of the offered machines, industrial tools or performance parts for machines. Moreover, the Service is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, completeness and adequacy of the information presented in the Adverts, or for capability of the Sellers and Buyers to execute the transaction.
  4. The User agrees not to place Adverts about Goods whose trade infringes the binding legal provisions or the rights of third parties.It is also forbidden to display Goods defined as prohibited.
  5. The Operator reserves the right to modify Adverts within the necessary scope, if it has been determined that the Advert is not compliant with the Regulations, of which the Advertiser shall be immediately notified.
  6. The Operator has the right to delete each Advert or block the Account if there is a suspicion that through the mediation of the Advert or the Account actions endangering the safety of other Users within the Service might have been committed or may be committed.
  7. Infringement of the Regulations shall be considered, among other things, placing the Advert in the wrong category, submission contact details in the Advert content, providing misleading data or using vulgar words in the content of the Advert. For infringement of the Regulations, the Operator may delete the Advert or block the User’s Account without the prior notice.
  8. The Operator has the right to delete the Advert if it breaches the Provisions of the Regulations in any way, as well as it contains contents:
  • which are misleading,
  • widely regarded as offensive,
  • racist,
  • of promotional or advertising nature,
  • infringing the principles of morality, copyrights or other industrial or intellectual property rights.
  • harming the reputation of the Operator,
  1. The Operator shall not be liable for:
  • disinterest in the subject of the Advert,
  • contents published  by the User in the Service,
  • statements made by the User concerning the other party of the transaction,
  • losses resulting from potential errors and interruptions in operation of Website Service,
  • operation of IT systems or facilities independent of the Operator.


  1. Using CNCtarget Website Service is tantamount to consent to the Regulations in their current wording. The Regulations are available for everybody on the main site page of CNCtarget Website Service.
  2. The Operator will inform the  User about a possible change in the Regulations by submitting information on CNCtarget Website Service. Amendments enter into force on the date specified by the Operator, but not less than 7 days from the day of posting the information onCNCtarget Website. Services activated before the implementation of the changes will be carried out on the previous conditions, further activations may be carried out in accordance with the current terms and conditions.
  3. Each person visiting the Website Service acknowledges that the logo for the Service, the Users’ Accounts and other intellectual property rights related to CNCtarget services are owned by and it is forbidden to use them without the consent of the Website Service.